Reputation Repair

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What’s in a name? On the internet, your name is everything. Search engines use it to track everything that has ever been posted about you or your business. If someone posts a negative article or blog about you, it may show up every time someone searches your name on the internet. A single unhappy customer can post enough information to have a disastrous effect on your business and even your personal reputation. Fortunately, there is a way to counter and neutralize false and negative information about you. Dream Reputation can ensure that every time someone searches for you, the results page shows only your positive aspects. Some people turn to Dream Reputation Repair services because they are concerned about the effect of their poor reputation on their business. Others are worried about how negative posts on the internet may affect them personally. The fact of the matter is that employers, clients and even potential dates may enter your name in a search engine to learn more about you. If they see negative information about you, it may affect your future. However, with Dream Reputation Repair, you can control the results that they see. We have the ability to turn your name into your biggest asset.

Dream Reputation works by posting positive information about you online in a strategic, continuous manner. As your Repair Consultant, we will write several articles about you and release them monthly on various websites. These articles will highlight positive aspects about you or your business. The exact nature of the article can vary depending upon your particular business and your particular needs. These articles can range from highlighting your professional accomplishments, reporting the latest developments in your business or even your volunteer work. These articles will be posted on various websites, business directories and all relevant blogs. Our experts know exactly where to post this positive information to make the biggest impact online. They may even create a website that is solely devoted to promoting your good name. These positive articles effect how the search engines work. Now, when someone searches for you online, they won’t see links to the negative information at the top of the search results page, they’ll see links to the positive information. The negative information is most likely still there, but becomes buried over time. Some of our clients have even been known to get their negative information completely removed from the internet. The people who work in Reputation Repair understand the importance of a name and they will do everything that they can to protect yours. At Dream Reputation we fight for your good name.

In addition to helping repair your online reputation, we have the added advantage of capturing your target audience! The positive information posted about you will be on sites we feel are relevant to your clients, critics, employees and business partners. We will help you leverage the assets we create in order to maximize their effectiveness in capturing potential new clients and taking your business to the next level!

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